Saturday, January 26, 2013

Anytime, Anywhere Bum Cleaner

You might be expecting a post about baby wipes. Oh, no, this is a post about Japanese portable toilet technology. Is there a more powerful intersection of Japanese strengths than portable and toilet technologies? I think not.

Any visitor to Japan in at least the last 20 years has encountered the washlet toilet. With the press of a button, you can wash and dry yourself. You can vary the pressure, the direction of the spray, and you can even press another button to play flushing sounds or music to provide a bit more privacy in public bathrooms. On each visit to Japan since my first in 1997, these toilets have become ever more widespread. We even have one in our apartment, but without the privacy noise function.

So what to do when nature calls in an uncivilized establishment lacking the washlet toilet? Japanese innovation has you covered.

Introducing the anytime, anywhere, clean yo' hiney portable washlet wand:

The top lines translate as "anytime, anywhere, keep your behind clean"
Get yours now at the Bic Camera store, BI level, for a little more than $100.

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