Sunday, January 13, 2013

I speak appliance-ese!

I mentioned a while back that our appliances speak to us, but that we don't often understand them. Yes, I've been studying Japanese for a while, but I cut myself some slack for not understanding robotic Japanese.

I long ago figured out "the hot water entering the bathtub has started" and "the hot water entering the bathtub has finished." Other messages have been more difficult.

One night while simultaneously filling the tub and washing dishes, I was thrilled to suddenly understand "the hot water level is getting low," allowing me to conserve before running out. We also have a little monitor in the kitchen that allows us to check the remaining level of hot water. Useful after hearing the message so we can plan when to start a load of laundry

Most recently, while baking, I finally understood that the oven/microwave was telling me "preheating will take about X minutes." Brilliant!

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  1. Extremely practical and very useful technology!


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