Friday, November 9, 2012

Jennifer's Tokyo Bucket List

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, just an "I gotta get started" list. I'm sure there will be many updates!

Visit a sumo stable and watch an early morning sumo practice.

Go to a sumo match.

Lunch at Tofuya-Ukai to enjoy the gardens and the beautiful, and hopefully delicious, tofu course menu. 

Have the truffle soup at Maison Paul Bocuse (or at one of his other Tokyo restaurants). Oh, who I am fooling? Have a whole meal.

Go fishing for dinner at Zauo. You sit at boat shaped tables and try to catch your own fish for dinner.

Visit the ramen museum, where you can try mini-portions of different styles of ramen.

Visit the Ghibli Museum, a museum devoted to Japanese animation. Not really an anime fan, but this museum is supposed to be excellent.

Visit the Tokyo Edo Museum. Since 1999, I've been trying to go to this museum dedicated to Tokyo's history and still haven't made it there.

Visit the always controversial Yasukuni Shrine and adjoining museum with its unusual view of World War II history.

Visit Suitengu Shrine in hopes of a safe and easy delivery.

Go in search of Japan's Seven Lucky Gods on this walking tour. I came across the biwa-playing goddess this summer and have been a little obsessed ever since with getting a photo of all seven.

Make Jason play the "Toylet" (urinal video games) at and tell me about it.

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