Monday, November 5, 2012

Woodbury to Tokyo in 16 Hours Flat

Undisclosed Location in Northern Virginia
On August 26th I awoke bleary-eyed at 3 am in the morning in woodsy Woodbury, Vermont.   After a month and half of shuttling between friends places (thanks very much Jenny & Nick, Elizabeth, Kent and Julia), between Vermont and DC, between our storage locker and my lodgings, and between social calls and work, I was now headed to Tokyo.   As I mentioned to some friends back in DC, though I was looking forward to getting to Tokyo and seeing Japan again, this time in depth and up close, perhaps what I was looking forward to most, other than seeing Jennifer, of course, was life slowing down just a tad....for the last 6 weeks had been the most mentally and physically exhausting time that I could readily recall.  Thus under the cover of darkness, my parents and brother took me and my overweight baggage 57 miles to the Burlington Airport and with one final drama—a excruciatingly slow check-in that almost jeopardized my participation in United Flight 3679 to Chicago—I was off to Tokyo, Jennifer, and a little bit of rest. 

Thankfully They Spelled My Name For Me!!!
Or so I thought.  For Tokyo is too tempting to stay still for long.  And we are having a baby in January.   And I need to learn Japanese.  And I am a Council on Foreign Relations-Hitachi Fellow.  And we are going to be parents.   

Thus after much delay and a minute to catch my breath,
I wanted to welcome you to the blog.   The first few months have been a blur of baby related appointments and activities, with a few late nights friends, some great trips, and countless delicious meals.   So we’ll try to keep the posts coming every few days, so please check back often. Ja mata.   

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