Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's My Girl!

When I went to Mama and Me yoga last Wednesday, I assumed my biggest challenge would be to keep our little girl occupied. I did not anticipate continually fending off the advances of a 6-month old Lothario. They start so young nowadays….

No sooner had I laid Lindsay down on a makeshift bed and tucked her under a blanket than Lothario crawled over while my back was turned. In the time it took me to get a yoga mat 10 feet away, he had already “sauntered” up to her and was attempting to pull back the blanket. Seriously, he had the blanket in his cute, chubby hand and was pulling it back. Actually, since he’s nearly 3x her size, he looked less like Lothario and more like King Kong preparing to pluck his heart’s desire from the building.

We all had a laugh, his mother collected him and we began the class. Much to our amusement, he was bent on wooing her, approaching a second, third, fourth and finally, a fifth time. The last time, it seemed he came on all fours bearing gifts. He had rattle in his hand that banged on the floor every time his hand came down. I was watching closely to make sure he didn’t get too close with the toy and accidentally bang it on her head, but just as I was about to intercede, he dropped the toy and continued his approach. Perhaps he was mesmerized by her beauty and forgot all other earthly pleasures?

During this time, an older woman took a shine to Lothario. A 9-month old Mrs. Robinson kept trying to get his attention, even giving him her lovey at one point. Her mom stopped dead in her Warrior 2 tracks to exclaim, “She’s never given anyone her lovey before!” But poor Mrs. Robinson just didn’t seem to understand that Lothario likes the young ones. Unfortunately for Lothario, Lindsay barely seemed aware of his existence. That’s my girl!

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